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Core Values

With integrity and transparency, Lufkin Creative serves as a responsible partner and trusted broker to encourage and facilitate artistic and cultural growth in Lufkin and Angelina County.


Lufkin Creative amplifies community voices while promoting the proposed cultural district’s uniqueness and its many creative enterprises.


Through collaboration and inclusiveness, Lufkin Creative uses art and culture as a catalyst for economic growth, artistic expression and enhanced quality of life for all.


Lufkin Creative provides opportunities for artists, creatives and scholars from all mediums to encourage and to engage residents and visitors in the arts in innovative ways.

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To cultivate and support an authentic and collaborative thriving arts community.


For Lufkin to be a vibrant, creative, inclusive community that inspires and engages everyone through the arts. 


Lufkin Creative Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Co-chair: Sally Alvis                                   Co-Chair: Becca Chance

Secretary: Terra Fidone

Treasurer: William Rothhauser


Board Members

Becky Cota

Joe Cuellar

Jansen Davis

Rudy Flores

Kivana Ford

Tomas Gonzalez

Cori Hooton

Emily Hyatt

Caitlyn Kirkland

Robbie Kuykendall

TaKisha Kegler

Sarah Levine

Aubrey Prunty

Harry Stafford

Diana Throckmorton

Jackie Zimmerman



Guessippina Bonner

Tara Hendrix

Tara Watson-Watkins

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